Our take on advertising

    After about three years of being on-line we switched from a free web host with annoying banners, and even worse - pop up's, who's products had nothing to do with us, to a paid hosting service. That got rid of the annoying ads but costs us money.
    So we started including our own ads. We thought if the GhiaGirl site could generate enough income to at least pay for itself, that would be a real cool thing. But we want to do it without alienating and annoying our readers so;

    There will be NO pop-up advertisements. If you ever get a pop-up ad from our site PLEASE let us know!

    We are going to try and integrate the ads with our site. For example, if I'm talking about tires you might see a tirerack.com ad at the top of the page (great company, great website - we buy all our tires there).

    We are hand-picking only RESPECTABLE, RESPONSIBLE companies that sell QUALITY products and/or services. Many of whom we have had good experiences with personally. The last thing we want is for you to buy some piece-of-crap part that you're dissatisfied with (like we did), from a company you saw on our site.  We have also added a VW suppliers resource page.  Check it out to see who deserves your money, and who doesn't!

    We would like your help! If you have a really bad experience with an advertiser on our site we want to know about it. If we hear too many stories we'll pull their ads & let you all know what's up (and we'll let them know too). We are still contacting various vintage VW houses about advertising with us. This will be an ongoing process.

    This is how we get paid: We don't make any money just for displaying advertising on our site. If you see something interesting and click through the ad we sometimes get a few pennies. If you buy something we get a percentage of the sale. That's it in a nutshell.

    We hope that by including the advertising in a way that helps you, we can in turn, help ourselves. Thanks for your continuing support!

Tracy & Skye-