eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here
    With the carpet out you can see the rust damage and repairs that someone has made. It's not pretty but it's solid (for now). Eventually we will replace the entire floor pans (the flat pieces on each side of the center column) with new, welded-in pieces.
     Dig that genuine imitation walnut veneer!! Not shown here are the top and bottom rubber dash covers. The dash will be stripped and painted body color, and the rubber covers reinstalled. Again, the brown on the metal is not rust but old contact cement. This car is actually pretty rust-free except for the pans which is normal. Undoubtedly, all those years in storage helped.
    The dash later with veneer removed. Note ignition hanging from it's wires, trick racers tape to keep (some of) the wind out, and groovy under-dash slide mount for 8 track player. "She loves you yeah-yeah-yeah."