Talk about "some assembly required!" This kit should bring the suspension up to date. We bought Sumitomo 195/60/15 Srixon 4 radials from (great website) to wrap around those pretty chrome stock-style wheels (Yes there are two more). The car originally came with 155/90/15 bias-ply tires that look like something off a bicycle. These new radials should provide plenty of grip. KYB Gas-A-Just shocks will help with the
bumps and oversize anti-roll bar kit from EMPI will keep the body roll to a minimum for Tracy's speed racer driving style!
    This image shows the stock front anti-roll bar next to the new 3/4" bar - almost twice as thick! (The new rear bar is also 3/4"and will be a new addition as the Ghia did not originally come with one in the back.)
    Tracy tightens the mounting bolts for the rear bar after drilling mounting holes in the frame. We kinda had to figure out how to mount this bar on our own, as the EMPI instructions were next to useless.
    These suspension and tire upgrades should provide the Ghia with true sports-car handling!