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    This "Dual quiet pack" exhaust system will provide quite a bit more flow than stock (top) exhaust without being too loud. I noticed that EMPI had painted the exhaust with a satin finish paint instead of the normal flat black (if you look close you can see the shine), and that the gaskets were paper instead of the normal metal. Three weeks later the paint had burned off and the pipes had started to rust. About this time the
paper gaskets blew out. We had to remove and repaint the exhaust and replace the gaskets with the correct metal ones. EMPI had painted the exhaust with satin finish engine paint rated at only 500 degrees! This is the third time we've had problems with EMPI products, though the other two were just incomplete instructions that were obviously never used by anyone to actually install the product. Unfortunately, since Santa brought us a whole load of EMPI products for Christmas, there's more to come...
    So with the brakes, suspension, & engine basics taken care of it was time to start purty'n her up (the car, that is).
"Haifisch snores gently while Tracy rubs out the apricot exfoliating mask err... buffing compound."
The paint was badly oxidized so we took off the lights & other trim pieces and polished the car with an electric buffer. Though the suspension was all done we thought we'd wait 'till
the buffing compound stopped flying to put on those fancy new wheels (note that there is an actual reflection of the trees on the engine cover in this picture!!)
    This is looking down at the shifter from the passenger seat. The shifter seemed too high to us and leaned too far forward so we cut about two inches off (the piece on the blue towel), and slotted the mounting holes to move it farther back. This also shortened the distance between gears for a more sporty feel and quicker shifts.