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    "A river runs through it." That was Tracy's description of her Haifisch after a hard rain. Much of it was coming through the rubber seal around the rear window. We ordered a repalcement from Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration. She's cutting the inside lip of the seal out here with a carpet knife.
    With the carpet out you can see the holes that were cut for some more crankin' speakers to go with that groovy 8-track player that was mounted under the dash! Not visible here is the rear window defrost vent. They had put the carpet right over it! So it would rain, the window seal would leak, the carpet would get wet, the heat would go through the wet carpet and bang!-instafog! Like the smoke screen button on a
James Bond car!-only different.
    Would ya look at the shine on that paint!! This was one of those I.S.O.T.F.M. (It should only take five minutes) jobs that turned into a 6 hour nightmare ending up with me hanging from the garage door opener & jumping on the window while Tracy stood there flinching "Don't worry honey, this is how they do it in the body shop".
Post Note: We now have more information why the windows don't always fit here.