Part of last Christmas' Ghia bonanza included this EMPI deep sump oil sump. Amazingly, air-cooled Volkswagen engines only hold 2-1/2 quarts of oil (most similarly sized 4 cylinder motors hold 4 or 5 quarts) and use a screen "strainer" instead of an oil filter! This sump holds an additional 2 quarts of oil to address the first of these two problems. The circular flange on top bolts directly on the bottom of the engine
where the steel strainer/drain plug plate attaches. An extension is fitted so that the oil is drawn from the bottom of the new sump and the stock plate is reattached underneath. Before installation we drilled and tapped the side of the sump for the three thermal sensors you can see at the bottom of this picture. The one on the right is for a VDO oil temperature gauge that we'll be installing. In a conventional liquid cooled car your engine temperature gauge gets the temperature from the coolant (radiator fluid). In an air cooled VW there is no radiator or coolant and they didn't supply any other type of temperature gauge so you just drive around clueless & hope everything is cool ! (pun intended). This gauge will allow us to keep tabs on oil temps which is also a reflection of the engine temperature in general. Important information in the HOT North Carolina Summertime! The other two sensors are for a future fuel injection upgrade that will be adapted from VW Rabbit parts.
    Here's a picture looking up at the bottom of the engine with the strainer plate removed. The original studs were also removed to be replaced by the new longer studs supplied with the sump. The tube and mushroom looking thing sticking down in the middle of the hole is the oil pickup tube. You can see where the long stud was threaded through the engine and a lock nut was threaded on the top (much easier said
than done). The stud will next be threaded back down so that the locknut secures the oil tube mounting tab that you can see next to the nut. In typical EMPI fashion, none of the studs supplied with the kit were long enough for this one hole. We had to make this one by cutting a long 6mm bolt off.
    After threading in the studs with Loctight, the gasket was coated with RTV silicone and the sump was attached with locknuts. But there's another problem. The red arrow is pointing at the oil tube extension (barely visible behind the closest stud) that EMPI supplied with the kit. As you can see it's rather short. It just presses on over the original oil pickup tube so it could vibrate & slide down. Careful
measuring revealed that it would touch the strainer plate at about the time that it was ready to fall off!! Also, the end was cut at an angle so it wouldn't cut off the oil flow if it was resting on the bottom but the angle was only about 15 degrees. Hardly enough, especially considering that it could be dangling off at an angle. Once again we were left wondering if anyone at EMPI has actually ever tried to use one of their own parts. There's one word for this - JUNK!