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    Tracy reinstalls the strainer plate and torques the nuts down and we're (more than) ready to hit the road! I think it started something like "Hey lets throw on this oil sump & take ourselves out to lunch." And ended, "Well at least we got it done in time to go back to work on Monday!"
It IS a big step though, for the health of our engine and our peace of mind.
    The next step will be to add the oil filter kit.
    With the engine done it was time to upgrade the safety for the humans! The tail lights on the old Karmann Ghia body style are really cool & stylish but they're also fairly small. One of the original lenses was cracked and they were both pretty dull. After taking the lenses off we found that one of the tail light assemblies was painted yellow with the car! The other was old dull gray inside. Tracy uses a
Scotchbright pad here to prepare the yellow one for paint.
    We used "chrome" spray paint on the tail light assemblies (and our camera lens!) for maximum light reflection. The "cap indicates color" cap on the spray can does indeed look like chrome. The paint that actually comes out of the can indeed, does not. It looks like bright aluminum (we must not be using the masters technique).