Replacing the rear window seal had turned the interior river into a mere pond and we could see the main culprit now. When it rained the water would run down the window, past the rotten window scrapers, drip right through where the door panel would normally be and onto the floor. So the first angle of attack was new window felt and scrapers (those little rubber squeegee things that push on the bottom
outside edge of your car window). Your author cuts holes in a new scraper for the chrome trim clips. An Exacto knife is a must for this job.
We also bought these scrapers from Karmann Ghia Parts & Restoration, along with window & door seals, and a new windsheild seal. They have some helpful tips on their website about how to do this stuff without wrecking your trim.
    Next was to put up a barrier for any water that managed to still get past the scrapers. We couldn't just glue a vapor barrier across the whole door in the normal fashion because, without door panels, there would be nowhere to grab the door and close it from the inside! Using 3M spray adhesive (Tracy didn't have any Aquanet handy) we glued the top edge on and Tracy cuts notches here so we can flip it inside the door.
    Door condoms in place and ready to roll! (It must be said here that this method was only partially successful. The "Refreshing Breeze" that blows through the car at any speed above - well, any speed - tended to blow the plastic out of the door at the bottom and finally after 3 or 4 months it just fell off).