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    While we were at war with the doors it was a good time to deal with the dreaded "Mad Dog Syndrome." This is when the car door bites your leg when you turn your back because the door strap stops working (the thingy that keeps the door from flying forward and landing on the front fender when you open it on a windy day, and also holds it open while you are gathering your bag-lady size purse and preparing to exit the car).
The tall black fellow is the new part in this dance group. The plastic tubes slide over the pins and then roll along on each side of the strap and get stuck between the bumps to hold the door open. We found that a little grease on the strap kept it from being too stiff.
    With the roller pins mounted in the door (boy did THAT sound easy!) the third pin is tapped through the strap at the hinge mount and it's a done deal. All pins are held in by tiny circlips snapped into a groove on the end of the pin (hint: get extra's of these).
    Winter, heat's on (you know, sort of), slowing for a light. "Hey Tracy, do you smell that?" "Smell what?" Accelerating now, "I thought I smelled exhaust or something." Slowing again, "WOW (cough) hey Trace, are your eyes burning at all?" "Eyes burning?" I'm thinking, "OK, this is trouble. Is THIS why she drives this way?" Go fast - no problem. Slow down - poison girlfriend.
     It seems that under
deceleration exhaust fumes were getting through the rusty hole you see next to the engine, getting sucked into the engine fan, and blowing through the heater boxes into the car. This is also bad in the summer because the air entering the hole is also hot (HEY! Custom heater-improving trick!) and will contribute to engine overheating. This is a common problem because it's where the battery rides and between the acid and the weight... Eventually this whole section will be replaced. For now this sheet metal, sourced some time ago from Karmann Ghia Bob, will patch it up.