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    Like most cars, Sharky has a tunnel running down the center. There is a cover plate over the front of this tunnel and the hole that you see here where the horns are, in front of that. How convenient! The battery will ride on a fabricated aluminum shelf directly above the hole behind the bumper.
    Notice the shiny front bumper in this photo! More on that later...
    This is a shot standing at the front of the car looking straight down into the spare tire well. The square bracket partially blocked in the lower part of this photo is what the horns mount to. The new battery cables have been routed to the side and forward to clear the spare tire and the orange wires head up toward the dash for our gauge's. The fuel lines are behind the wall where the wires are coming through.
They turn in the other direction to where the fuel pump will be under the gas tank.
    We sliced a rubber vacuum line long-ways and glued it around the outside of the hole for a grommet so the wires wouldn't get cut and then I filled the hole with some of that crazy super-expanding foam. While I was at it I filled the open space around the bottom of the spare tire well that you can see here, and put some in the holes in the dashboard, got some on the headlight switch, shift knob, steering wheel, my right leg, left cheek, chin, hair, and a whole mess of it around various places in the garage. After a while I was staggering around with the dazed, manic look of a 36 hour Vegas binge, desperately wanting to return to my previously scheduled programming, but unable to put down the magic can and carefully back my way out of the garage! The stuff is such a trick of physics that it's very hard to fight the urge to point it at every problem not previously solved by duct-tape. In fact it now resides on the pedestal just below the duct-tape and JB Weld Epoxy. A very formidable debut indeed!
    This shot is taken from the left rear wheel area. A 2" hole saw was used to create an exit hole in the back of the tunnel just in front of the transmission. Again, a sliced vacuum line was glued in as a protective grommet and crazy foam filled the extra space. The battery cables bend around the frame horn and up to the starter with the fuel lines nearby. The orange wires go through a hole in the firewall and into the
engine bay.