As you can imagine, this all took a while so we temporarily put the battery back in it's original location, and it was a couple of weeks later when we started on the battery tray.
    Here is a view looking forward into the nose. The top of the gas tank can be seen in the foreground. This is after about 6 design changes, 4 re-cuts, and 2 cardboard models! Under the shelf, which is loosely bolted in for a test fit, you can see the horns and bracket, and the hole where we fed the wires in. Aluminum angle was used for side mounts with bolts passing through holes drilled in the inside of the front fenderwells.
Large washers and locknuts are used on the other side. Another piece of angle was used to strengthen across the front of the shelf and a fourth piece will run all the way across the back, especially important since a large piece of the shelf had to be cut out for the window washer bottle.
    And here it is with the wires all hooked up and ready to go! The spare tire slides in between the gas tank and the battery shelf with 1/2" or so to spare. There was a small but noticeable improvement in ride quality in the front and a bit less hydroplaning in the rain. There was also a bit less tendency for the rear end to swing around during 75+mph powerslides as well ;-}
   It has now been several months and we've had no
problems with this modification.