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    This shot is taken from the left front wheel well with the wheel removed. The disk brake is in the foreground and you can see the new brake light switches mounted in the brake master cylinder. This would have been somewhat easier to do while we had the gas tank out. The pipe angling through the top right corner of this picture is the left tie rod. We were also having a problem with
in the steering...
    It was the outer tie rod end on that left side. After a scuffle involving a torch, vise grips, and a pipe, we got the old one out. Tracy threads in the new one here for a temporary fix. We will be replacing literally everything (accept our new shocks & sway bar) on the front end soon.
    With all of the mechanical repairs taken care of it was time to switch back over to the creature comforts section. With the new rear window seal and the plastic in the doors the car was not quite awash with water as before, but it was now obvious that there was still a good deal of water coming in around the old windshield seal. Tracy cuts the old rubber seal out with a carpet knife before we pull the window out.