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    Window installation is a pretty neat trick on older cars. After putting a small braided rope in the outside groove of the window seal and placing it in the window opening, one person (Skye) pushes on the window from the outside while the other person (Tracy) pulls on the rope out of the rubber seal groove from inside. The rope pulls the lip of the seal over the window frame to the inside of the car for a "tongue & groove" type of
fit. Or at least that's how it USUALLY works! Here, I am using a screwdriver to guide the "zipper" rope into the groove that seals the window to the car body.
    We found some rust in both or the lower corners of the windshield frame so we sanded them down and brushed on some black Rustoleum.
    We were prepared for a battle after our experience with the rear window but even we didn't realize the extent of the utter demoralization we were about to be subjected to! Judging by the murderous look on Tracy's face in this picture I would guess that this was at the end of the second day of failed windshield replacement attempts. Even after calling in reinforcements, every time we would get a corner
in we couldn't keep the aluminum trim from popping out of it's groove in another corner. To say it was a frustrating, maddening experience doesn't do it justice.
    Enter soap-opera style echo-ey sound of Tracy's unspoken private thoughts here; "I swear I'm going to kill him. I said I wanted to BUY a Karmann Ghia. I didn't say I wanted to BUILD a Karmann Ghia! As soon as (if) we get this DAMN windshield in I'm going to stick his HEAD in that solvent bucket & sit on him until it's ALL OVER! No wait, I'll make him his favorite dinner and thank him for working so hard with me on my car. The funny thing is, he'll actually believe me! Then I'll be the one laughing as he GAGS on the brake fluid that I put in with the butter! BWHOAHAHAHAH!"