Now THAT'S the happy, healthy face we all want to see! We - OK, OK I - ended up cracking the windshield after jumping up & down on top of it while hanging from the garage door opener trying to get it to seal. (Hey, it worked on the back window!). Oh well, in this picture you can see that the old windshield was cloudy around the corners anyway...
    Tracy celebrates the victory with our reinforcements, Mary & David. This time the new windshield went in like, well, like it actually fits! On the first try! It left us all stunned & wondering what to do with the rest of our day.
   Unfortunately we still have a very small leak at the lower drivers corner of the windshield. For the first time though, the car is essentially dry inside after a
hard nights rain!

    Post Note: Kent, a reader from L.A., has informed us that a glass shop told him that the U.S. spec rubber window seals don't have a metric sized groove for the trim pieces, which causes the difficulty in installation. The answer, they say, is to order German seals. We haven't actually confirmed this and there ARE other considerations. For example, once we got the replacement windshield from Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration, it all went in like it was supposed to. Obviously the new windshield was slightly smaller. Also, new replacement trim pieces may be different than the original stuff (we don't know). But it sounds like it's worth getting a German seal if you're reinstalling your windshield or back window with the trim.
    We would like to hear from anyone that can confirm this for us.
    Smokey the cat usually thinks up all the jokes, "Put something about birds in there-heheheh. Come-on! OK then how about a lizard joke, can we at least put in a lizard joke?"