After the crazy-foam altercation with the dash there was really no more wind coming in the front of the car. This highlighted the fact that it was literally blasting in around the doors!
   Your author gets his hands dirty here fitting a new window seal into the groove around the passenger side door frame. This job was a rare event with the part fitting properly and installing without
problems! The only real risky part was cutting the back edge at a 45 degree angle to fit tightly against the rear quarter window seal.
    Of course this party couldn't last! Moving on to the door seal we immediately ran into difficulty. Unfortunately for some reason we don't have a picture of it, but there is a hole near the window where the door seal begins and a rubber ball on the end of the seal that supposedly snaps into that hole (picture stuffing a basketball down a sink drain). We tried every way possible, even calling the ever helpful folks at
Karmann Ghia Parts & Restoration (They told me you just need to lube it up & pop it through there - heh heh, yeah OK. My theory is that this thing was designed at VW by the same sadist that was in charge of the windshield seal/trim assembly!). After days of failed attempts we finally cut the ball down to a size that a mere mortal could actually squeeze through the hole.
    So in this picture, with the seal hanging from the door by that ball, Tracy is spooging 3M weather-strip adhesive around the door where the seal will go. Strangely there is no groove or track for the seal, it just glues into the corner.
    More adhesive on the seal and it's ready to go.