eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here
    You can see where the seal comes out of the hole at the top. Another weird thing about this seal is that it's a pointy thing that just sticks out from the corner at an angle. It sure works though. With the seals in & the dash gooped up with the crazy-foam it was really a huge change in atmosphere driving down the highway. Now if we could just do something about that lame heater! - hint
    Another one of my rubber diapers ruined after going through the dryer. Thanks Tracy!
    As it turned out it was just the right size to seal the horn opening! The trick with this job, BELIEVE me on this one, is to completely remove the horns, stick your diaper in the hole, and then push the horns through the leg holes and bolt them back up. Oh yeah, do this BEFORE you decide you'll be really cool and move your battery to a custom shelf just above the horns!
   You can see where a big chunk of bondo has popped
off of the body. Fortunately it's down where it's not too noticeable.