A picture of the hoses coming out of the firewall, wrapping around the fan shroud and down to the heater boxes.
    We ran the fan wiring with the wire harness under the driver side door jam and hooked it to a toggle switch on the dash.
    Here it is! It works great with warmer air actually BLOWING out of the vents! There is still the problem of the fresh air hoses burning where they contact the exhaust though. Also, when the engine gets to full operating temperature and the fan is not running, we get some nasty fumes coming up through the fan into the car. This is only a problem in the spring & fall when the windows are closed. There are little flaps
in the fan that are supposed to prevent the fumes from coming back through but they aren't doing so. The answer for now is to just turn the fan on when the fumes are a problem. Even with the heat off the positive pressure keeps the fumes out. Fixing the hose burning & replacing our rusty, leaking heater boxes may fix this problem. The scary thing is that 5 minutes after I get in the car I'm gagging & choking. When I ask Tracy how she can stand the smell she says, "What smell?"

Post Note: If you are interested in this upgrade we can tell you that this is NOT the way to do it!  After much trial & error, we have arrived at a great system using dual fans that are mounted up in the corners with a completely different plumbing arrangement.  Until we post the update feel free to email us for the corrected version.