Remember those black bumpers? Well Tracy finally got the paint stripper out and went to town. She's polishing the chrome here. Unfortunately a test drive for my truck turned out to be a test drive for our camera (it was on the bumper-we never saw it again). And with it went the pictures of Tracy stripping! (Whoa guys, I mean the bumpers! What kind of site do you think this is?!) Our dream came true and the front bumper was just
about perfect under the black paint! The back bumper was OK but you could see that they had tried to scratch the surface up with steel wool or something to help the paint stick. Our guess is that they did the back first and then got lazy and just painted right over the shiny chrome in front. The paint did it's job though, both bumpers were virtually free of rust under the paint!
     We bought hardware kits from KGP&R (Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration) to reassemble the bumpers. There were several seized bolts that snapped off during disassembly which made for some extra fun drilling and grinding in the garage. The bumpers are made up of 16 pieces each, not including nuts, bolts, & washers!
    On Tracy's birthday she woke to find this emblem in the fridge next to the soy milk, followed by a VW script in her makeup box, chrome body molding on the couch, and other goodies scattered about the house. Tracy had been complaining about not having all her little pretties ever since we bought the car so she was pretty happy.