eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here
    Tracy uses a small screwdriver to punch out the holes for the chrome side molding strips that had been filled in by the previous misguided owners.
    It's interesting that the Karmann emblem shown on the right here only appears at this location, just behind the front wheel on the passenger side of the car. That Italian flair!
    After inserting the plastic mounting clips into the holes, the chrome strips are snapped on. These items, purchased from KGP&R, were quite pricey and when looking along the side from the front or back you can see small dimples where the clips are. I have since seen an advertisement (West Coast Metric?) claiming that theirs don't do this. It's a small thing but after the money we spent we're a little disappointed.
    Hey! It looks pretty good now! (from the outside anyway).