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    The back bumper even sort-of hides our rust spot and the sort-of ugly dual quiet pack mufflers. You can see in this picture that the back bumper lacks the luster of the front in the previous photo. We'll get them both re-chromed when we do the final body-off restoration and paint.
    Now for some REAL work! Tracy is pulling off the ignition coil during disassembly of the motor in preparation of removing it.
    On hot days the previous summer the car would over heat and detonate
. My guess was that the major reason for this was that the engine had been assembled without setting the compression ratio. I remembered that the compression check we did when buying the motor was suspiciously high for an air cooled VW engine (about 180 lbs. if I remember right).
We had also developed an oil leak. (I mean even more than all the usual leaks!) and there were a couple other issues we planned to deal with while we had the
engine out.
    Actually it turned into quite a nightmare, leading to the creation of an entirely new, special air-cooled VW "Time To Completion" ("Old Volkswagen Error/Uncertainty Probability Principal.") formula as you may remember from my ranting in Garage VI. If you are restoring an old VW, or are contemplating doing so, you may want to print our "OVERUP" formula and hang it near the garage door. If not for saving your sanity (hey, you're still with us at this point, it should be apparent that it's too late for you!) then for the sake of your relationship with your less VW-crazed loved one.
    "You forgot to unhook the heater cables!" "No, you said YOU unhooked the heater cables!"