The main oil galley needs to be drilled & tapped for the return oil line fitting. We stuffed blue shop towels in the galley and in the oil pump hole to keep the metal shavings out. The white stuff on the drill bit is masking tape so I know when I've gone far enough.
    Gene Berg sells this fitting with the corners ground off to fit in the hole with a minimum of grinding to the case.
    I have this picture in a heart-shaped frame on my desk!
    How many of you guys out there can say that your wife or girlfriend not only lets you wash your car parts in the kitchen sink, but that you even got HER to do it?     The honing done, she washes the cylinders in hot, soapy water and immediately sprays them down with WD-40 to prevent any surface rust from forming on the cylinder walls. They will be wiped out with alcohol just before slipping them back over the pistons.