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    Finally we were REALLY putting her back together! We had two cylinders on when we realized that we forgot to put this blue silicone around the base of the cylinders - DOH! Off they came, silicone applied, and one back on, only to learn that it's a lot easier if you put the cylinder by the back of the engine on first so you can get the ring compressor out - DOH! Only the sternest of warning looks kept Tracy from asking me
if I actually knew what the hell I was doing... I think we even managed to find another way not to do it but my "Dr. Superbaad 2000 Auto-Protect softwares > Delete horrible memories function" is keeping me from remembering what it was.
    One thing for sure; it's AAALLLLLL about these ring compressors! The cheap ones that you see are like tongs. They may work on a water-cooled motor but on these engines it pays to spend a little more and get these ratcheting pliers. They hold the rings exactly as tight as you need to and free both hands up to work the cylinder on over the pistons. We bought these from Gene Berg.
    The only mechanic I've met that takes a break to tape Oprah! (or at least the only one that will admit to it!)