Engine back in but with the rear tin still out. You can see the oil lines running to & from the fittings in the engine block and oil pump cover.
    They thread precariously between the exhaust pipes to the Amsoil bypass and full flow filters. The filters are pretty close to the left valve cover (the bypass filter needs to be removed for valve adjustments) but it was the only place we could find to mount them where they would be up out of harms way. The bypass filter is bigger than the normal full-flow filter so the normal location of the bumper mount couldn't be
used.  Anyway, the only cooling problems we have are during sustained, high-speed driving. In that situation, with all the air that's flowing past, it's doubtful that the proximity of the filters to the valve cover makes a significant difference.
    Now a view looking up into the rear passenger side from the back. That gold round thing with the rod coming out the top is the thermostat. When the engine is at full operating temperature it expands until the top of it is up against the black bracket you can see above it. It doesn't need to move too far to open those flaps.
    Closer to the camera and to the right of the thermostat you can see our new head pipe clamps that
were purchased from Gene Berg along with our rings and other stuff. The clamps we had before were crappy EMPI parts and were constantly loosening. We haven't had to touch these German ones since we installed them. 

    Post Note:  Haifisch started right up & ran great!  Well...sort of.  She did run smoother with no more detonation, no smoking or oil consumption, very little leakage, faster warm-ups, and warmer running in the winter. There was a drop in power associated with the lowered compression, but that was expected.  The summer time cooling problems were better but not gone altogether.  That was half-expected.  The real problem was low oil pressure. It was lower than it had been before. It would actually get so low at idle that the oil light was coming on.  Not a good situation.  Ahh-but that's a story for next time...