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    Test fit with the pad on. We used stiff paper to mark where we wanted the gauges & glovebox.  The glovebox was the tricky part.  Since we needed to use the cut out section as a face plate over the stock glovebox door, it HAD to be cut right the first time!  To accurately mark the location we turned off the garage lights and put the shop light under the hood. It was then clear to see and the outside edges and
hole for the knob could be marked on the front side where it would be easier to cut.  The holes for the light, hazard, and windshield wiper switches were done the same way.
    It was immediately clear that the saber saw was the wrong tool for cutting the glovebox hole. We bought this mini-router attachment for the all-important Dremel tool, and used a Rototool bit (the same one Dr. Superbaad uses to grind out broken studs) which worked beautifully.
    Another surprise discovery (realized some time later) was that, with the dash pad moved a little toward the rear of the car, the little bar on the end somewhat blocked the defrost holes.  We tried a few methods of sticking things in there to widen the gap, but finally decided to just cut them out.