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    The gauge face was placed on top of a 5/16" punch mounted in our bench vise and a center punch was used to ensure accuracy for drilling the LED hole.
    The face gets drilled starting with the smallest bit we have (this pic actually shows the oil pressure gauge being drilled).
    As you can see, it was a tight fit at times but we got them where we wanted them. This is the back of the oil temperature gauge.  This is the light that hooks to the Berg sender.  We located the light just off the high end of the scale.  The oil pressure gauge gets one in the same place, but appropriately, it's off the low end.  Turn signal, high beam (green, they don't have these particular LED's in blue), and alternator lights get installed in the
tach at the same location as the odometer LCD screen in the speedo.
    Notice the clear red plastic of the LED.  A lesson learned too late was that the instrument lights would shine through the back of the LED's at night and make them look almost like they were on - DOH!