eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here
    The Cambridge Soundworks "Soundworks" sub pumps out massive bass for our favorite Michael Bolton CD under the rear seat!

   "I'll love you till 2nd geeeaarrr in me subsides..." 
    We mounted the cubes under the dash at the junction of the front wall and the cardboard that covers the corner where the defrost tubes let cold air drift slowly onto the windsheild in the winter.
    The stereo fits nicely in the dash, the cubes are out of the way of knees and, when installed & reinstalled 3 times to get the right angle, provide a great sound from both channels in each seat.    This shot is taken below head level. Normally you can just see the bottom of the cubes below the bottom edge of the dash.  Power wires and RCA cables are routed down each side of the center tunnel.  We ran the speaker wires around the sides under the door
threshold plates.  We later installed 90° RCA cable ends in the back of the stereo in a resuscitation attempt after damaging the connection to the circuit board from contact between the straight cable ends and the windshield wiper motor. Alas, it was too late and a new stereo is on the way.