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    Readers paying far too much attention may have noticed tan cloth covered seats in some of the previous photos.  With the all-important tunes covered, the next item was to install seats that wouldn't induce polio-like symptoms after more than a 1 hour ride! (Tracy imitates the "Skye on roadtrip" posture on one of the VW Golf seats sourced from a junk yard)  Tracy always liked the seats we had in our Golf, and modern
VW seats are a good choice because, unlike many car manufacturers, they use high-quality foam instead of springs for support, which results in more comfortable, longer lasting seats.
    Of course since nothing will simply slide into a set of Ghia seat rails, some - ahem! - modifications were necessary.  In the lower left of this picture you can see one set of tracks that have been fabricated out of angle iron.  The are simply C-shaped channels made to fit around the plastic sliders on the seat base, and held apart at the top by a spacer, which keeps the tracks vertical after installation.
    The Golf seats are also waay too high.  Tracy removes the covers in preparation for the chop job.