The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    There are a startling number of low quality parts out there for your dear old VW.   At first I couldn't understand how manufacturers and dealers could stay in business selling what, in some cases, is literally junk right out of the box!  

    I have since developed a theory.  There are lots of people building trailer queens to show.  Since these people don't actually DRIVE their cars, these cheap parts serve their purpose.  Others then follow their example and it's perpetuated.

    If however, you actively drive your car while you're working on it, as we do, you'll learn soon enough.  Worse still, what if, as many people have, you do a full restoration, show it for a season, and THEN start driving your creation?  Well THEN you'll find out. And it'll be too late! You will discover that you spent hundreds or even thousands of hours and/or thousands of dollars building a beautiful vintage Karmann Ghia with parts that were meant to be looked at but not used!

    We have created this page in an effort to help all of us spend our hard earned dollars wisely, support the companies that deserve our business, and no longer get taken the way Tracy and I have.  

    We give you...

The Good - The Bad - The Ugly!!