We Need Your Help!

      Please email us with your experiences!  Specifically, we want to hear stories of exceptionally good or exceptionally bad experiences you have had with companies in the vintage-VW industry.  
    Please help us get the word out so we will no longer get burned and quality companies can get the business they deserve!

We Like
We Don't Like

Company:  Gene Berg Enterprises

What:  Performance Parts House.
Pro:    Quality is NEVER an issue.  Absolutely essential technical literature. Friendly and helpful phone support. These people really know their stuff.  Can be pricey but you'll only have to pay once.  You get candy with your parts!
Fairly obnoxious attitude in their printed materials. Catalog and website poorly organized.

Company:  EMPI

What:  Manufacturer
Pro:  Cheap
Con:  Instruction sheets are a joke.  S.A.E. hardware supplied with parts kits.  Many parts are so cheaply made as to be unusable or may require modifications to work properly.  You'll pay more in the end.

Company:  CB Performance

What:  Performance parts house
Pro:  Some good performance parts not found elsewhere. The best dropped spindles.  Decent website.
Con:  Lots of junk mixed in with their good stuff.  Website is big on hype, short on real info.

Company:  Karmann Ghia Parts & Restoration

What:  Karmann Ghia parts supplier.
Pro:  Quality new and used KG parts.  Great website and catalog.  Good phone support and very useful how-to information in their catalog & website.
Con:  ???

Company:  StreetBeat Customs

What:  Custom/show car parts house
Pro:  Many unique parts.  Sliding ragtop kits for Ghia's and bug's.  Good website.
Con:  We had a real nightmare experience with this company.  Subsequently, we have pulled them from our advertisers.  Bad communication, terrible parts quality, major, MAJOR delays, wrong parts, and even outright lies.  Details are forthcoming on the GhiaGirl site.
   They took care of us in the end, though we're still unsatisfied with the quality of our ragtop kit

Company:  Rocky Mountain Motorworks

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  Mostly high quality parts.  Items not found at many other suppliers.  Great catalogs.  Good selection of novelty and gift items.  Good phone support.  Good suspension and brake kits.
Con:  Some EMPI (and possibly other substandard) parts in their catalog.  Marginal website.

Company:  AirCooled.Net

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  Mostly high quality parts.  Large stock of N.O.S. parts.  Decent website. Good distributor (ignition) info./options.
Con:  ???

Company:  GEX

What:  Engine supplier
Pro:  Pretty Ads. Good website.
Con:  No direct experience with this company but the word on the street is that they sell junk.

Company:  West Coast Metric

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  High quality parts.  Large stock of N.O.S. Parts Good website.
Con:  ???

Company:  Bernie Bergman

What:  Engine/performance parts supplier.
Pro:  Ads featuring really cool-looking engines with painted cases.
Con:  No direct experience with this company but the word on the street is that they sell junk.

Company:  Sew Fine

What:  Custom upholstery house.
Pro:  Very high quality custom interiors.
Con: ???

Company:  Scat

What:  Engine/performance parts supplier specializing in seats and cranks.
Pro:  I think their seats are good.
Con:  No direct experience with this company but they have a reputation for breaking cranks and other cheap-parts horror stories.

Company:  BFY Obsolete Parts

What:  N.O.S. VW parts supplier.
Pro:  High quality stock parts.  Have heard that printed instructions and phone support is very good.  Good website.
Con:  Has anyone had problems getting free catalogs sent from this company?

Company:  House of Ghia

What:  Karmann Ghia parts supplier.
Pro:  No direct experience but the word is that they carry high quality parts with good instructions.  Literally tons of f.a.q. and other info. on their website.
Con:  Online ordering not there yet.  Many reports of parts ordering problems.  No parts sent, wrong parts sent, lack of communication, etc.

Company:  ReVolks

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  Great website! Lots of info.  No direct experience with this company but we are told they carry good quality parts with better prices than many other suppliers.  Specifically, we hear their pans are of a thicker material than some others carry.
Con:  They carry EMPI junk.  No printed catalogs.

Company:  Kustom 1 Warehouse

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  This one almost made the good side.  We have heard that they are a good company to deal with.
Con:  Website design is a joke.  Looking for a specific part can be a tedious chore, clicking links to some sections results in the dreaded "we're working on it" message, or pages with inadequate information, etc.  They feature cheesy EMPI exhaust & other parts.  Looking at the crummy little picture, you can even see the glare off the exhaust from the camera flash.  This means they are painted with satin case paint which, like ours, will burn off within weeks of installation. 

Company:  www.1800vw.com

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  Great website! Lots of info. including very useful how-to and diagnostic stuff on the mechanical side of things.  Also, very clear exploded views of engine/drivetrain assemblies with part numbers.  No direct experience with this company but I don't see any junk parts.  Check their home page out for the highest buggy jump you've ever seen!
Con:  ???

Company:  Wolfsburg West

What:  N.O.S. VW parts supplier.
Pro:  Very well laid-out website with clear pictures of all parts.  No direct experience with this company but we've heard only good things over the years.
Con:  ???

Company:  The Online Karmann Ghia Resource

What:  Information site
Pro:  A plethora of information here! Especially for those doing proper restorations.  If you're interested in these cars, you should spend some time at this site.
Con:  ???

Company:  California Import Parts Ltd.

What:  VW parts supplier.
Pro:  No experience with this company but a very knowledgeable source has told us that for the last 12 years they have great prices and support that is second to none. Reasonably well laid out website.  Mostly high quality parts, and some stuff that's hard to find or just not available from other companies.
Con:  Though I don't see some of the worst of the cheesy junk, they do stock some EMPI parts, and other stuff I wouldn't recommend putting on your engine.   Site is short on information.