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Suspension mods for 2.5" front drop with no loss in travel
    Phrankentruk was purchased from a VW junkyard for $500 & towed home.  It had been used as a work truck and was pretty beat up. The drivers door was stuck open after being hit from behind while open, the engine didn't run and there were no brakes.
Steering geometry correction for 2.5" front drop
2.5" rear Caddy drop

Welcome to the Phrankentruk Website!

    Unlike Phrankentruk's sister site GhiaGirl, this will not be a story of resurrection, a tale of woe & misery at the hands of a classic VW. This is to be a short, factual, & technical site.  I plan to detail some of the more unusual fabrications & other performance enhancements carried out on the street racer in the family.  


    I'm just a guy with some fabrication experience, plagued by unending ideas of how I can/should change nearly everything I encounter for the better, and a love of all things mechanical.  If you do something to your car based on what you see here and it all goes wrong YOU COULD DIE!  I'm not kidding. We all take chances, especially when it comes to messing with the brakes, steering, & suspension of our vehicles. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what you see here.

Battery relocation
A2 injection with cold air intake
Fuel cell install
Full-throttle A/C lockout switch
A2 radiator/ cabriolet A/C compressor install
1.8t electric water pump install
Oil cooler install
Dropped Audi seats
A2 gauge install